cURLing and Piping To Bash

…But Torres is ready. She initiates the power surge she has set up. On the bridge, Seven of Nine suddenly stands ramrod-straight, a vacant, paralysed expression on its face. The look is replaced by one of sheer agony as it cries out in excruciating pain. It raises a hand to the back of its head as an implant located there sparks with a bright light, overloaded and destroyed by Torres’ power surge. It finally sinks down and slumps over the helm console, unconscious.

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How do we look?

A big Thank You! to all who submitted to our new logo contest. We’re going over the submissions now and making sure that everything is good with the Pi Department. We’ll open up voting in just a little bit, so keep a look out!


Last Chance To Win A Pi Zero By Designing Our New Logo

The contest deadline is Friday, July 8th.  Please make sure your submissions are sent to [email protected] before than.  The winner’s design will be featured on our site and serve as our logo for the foreseeable future. Continue reading “Last Chance To Win A Pi Zero By Designing Our New Logo”