Vote For Your Favorite New Pi-hole Logo

Vote for your favorite logo.  We’ll make the final decision, but we want to know what you think!

11 Replies to “Vote For Your Favorite New Pi-hole Logo”

    1. We like the current (old) logo too, but we have had to remove it as it violates Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Trademark. It’s all good though, we just need to choose a new logo now!

  1. I have confession for PiHole team. I very sorry but I found way to make numbers unfair. Vote is all wrong, all numbers faked. Easy to pass 3 votes, just change address. Sorry

    1. You should have told us this earlier… I wouldn’t have been sending the link to all of my Kik and steam contacts if I knew it was illegitimate. What a real punch in the gut.

      1. Weelllll….. I mean technically that’s still gaming the system 🙂

        We weren’t really aware that it was so easily manipulated before, else we would have called it earlier, “Ashamed” seems to have been skewing the numbers themselves.. but is it really fair that your’s should win because you got all your contacts to vote for it?

        1. I see what you’re saying. I just saw other’s skyrocketing so got my friends to vote. I didn’t think anything of it; I just assumed others were doing it too 🙁didn’t mean to break any rules

          1. Hey don’t worry about it! If I’m being completely honest, we have a couple of favourites anyway, the vote is just to see if the community agreed with us. We’re also busy scouring the internet to make sure there are no existing trademarks for any of the logos.

            You did the PH one, right? Was there any inspiration for it? It seems really familiar to me….

          2. I know this is weird, but I was scrolling through Google trying to find inspiration, and I found this logo of a flat design whistle, and I thought the side looked like an outlined ‘P’, so I used that for the P in my logo. Here’s the whistle>>


            I made it higher resolution by vectoring it in illustrator, then I sketched out the H part on paper and scanned it into Photoshop. Finally I angled the letters to make it look like it was being sucked into a black hole. 😛

    2. We’ll be figuring something out for this–most likely in a follow up blog post.

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