Setbacks With Our New Logo

We suspected that the voting numbers were being skewed, which was later confirmed by a confessor.  It’s partly our own fault for not requiring any authentication to cast a vote.  We also had some logos by the same designer as two different entries.

In addition, at least one of the logos has some other copyright infringement issues, so we will take some time to assess the situation.

We are going to work on it and let you know what happens.


3 Replies to “Setbacks With Our New Logo”

  1. hi guys

    Have you considered the name?
    I’m thinking… many people run pihole on something other than a rPi…
    Pehaps it’d be a good time to look at the name at the same time as logo?
    of course the name has established some recognition,,,,,

    1. so thinking out loud here:

      another word like blocking or block is Stonewall.. like firewall..
      “Ad Stonewall” … and the logo could be a stone/brick wall with ads as bricks

      but of course the name might not feel as easy saying..


      hm… not easy….

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