Month: March 2017

The Pi-holeā„¢ Swag Store Is Now Open

Well, 49 out of 50 customers now have a limited edition Pi-hole shirt–I forgot to seal an envelope so there is one lost shirt, somewhere in the Post Office šŸ¤¦. Ā People have been asking if we will be selling any more. Ā The answer is yes, and then some. Ā 

2017-03-28 3

Pi-hole Core 2.13.2 / Web 2.5.2

This release includes fixes and tweaks, but the main thing you may be interested in is the new Pi-hole Checkout feature. We’ve made it a bit easier for the users who want to check out what’s happening in our development branches. Ā If you decide you want to check out some of the features we are…
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2017-03-14 0

Get Your Pi-hole T-shirt While Supplies Last

[UPDATE]: Sold out, but check out our new Swag Store! Many of you have been askingĀ for these, so we thought we would try and see if a limited run of them would sell (if they don’t then the dev team will have a new wardrobe šŸ˜‰). The t-shirts we are selling are made of a…
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2017-03-09 2

Pi-hole 2.13 Core / 2.5 Web

What’s new? Don’t forget to vote for your favorite feature requests (or submit your own). Ā This release includes seven of your requests. The project will now use EUPL for it’s license. Ā All code previous to this master release will remain under their respective licenses. You will now have the choice to install the Web interface…
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2017-03-02 0