Month: May 2017

What Really Happens On Your Network? Redux

We spent a long time collecting a list of posts about users who had discovered shocking, interesting, or confusing things happening on their network, which became apparent when using Pi-hole to view the traffic happening on their network on a daily basis. This post is another collection of these sorts of things and also to showcase…
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2017-05-31 0

How Much Traffic Can Pi-hole Handle?

We often get questions like: How many clients can Pi-hole handle?  Or will Pi-hole slow my network down?  To answer the latter, no.  Pi-hole actually makes your network faster.  To the former, that will vary based on the hardware specs you give to Pi-hole.  We have a few real-life examples that can give you some ideas.

2017-05-24 15

Pi-hole v3.1 Has Been Released

We’re happy you are still supporting us so we have released version 3.1 of Pi-hole.  This release has several tweaks and fixes to improve the overall experience.  

2017-05-19 0

Seven Things You May Not Know About Pi-hole

You may already know that Pi-hole lets you block advertisements for every device that connects to your network without the need for any client-side software.  But Pi-hole is very powerful and has several other uses that you may not know about.

2017-05-12 0

Pi-hole 3.0.1 Fixes And Tweaks

We have released a patch, v3.0.1, for Core and Web to fix a security issue as well as some other fixes and tweaks.

2017-05-04 0

Pi-hole™ 3.0 Is Here Featuring Our New FTL Engine

If you have been struggling with a slow Web interface, you’ll love this update.  There are plenty of details on this new feature, but if you are a casual user, the only thing you need to know is that it is fast.  This release also has some other things you will enjoy.  Read on to find…
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2017-05-01 10