Month: June 2018

FTLDNS and Unbound Combined For Your Own All-Around DNS Solution

How Pi-hole Works Pi-hole acts as a forwarding DNS server, which means if it doesn’t know where a domain is, it has to forward your query to another server that does.  When you install Pi-hole, it knows where the ad-serving domains are (because you tell it), so it doesn’t forward those requests.  But it doesn’t know where legitimate…
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2018-06-09 5

Pi-hole Cases Now Available At Pi-supply

You can now purchase just a case with the Pi-hole logo on it.  This works great if you already have your Pi-hole setup and just need a case to put it in.  Pi-supply does all the work, but we get a small portion of the sales. Other Ways To Support Us Don’t forget, we are also running…
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2018-06-07 0

Limited Edition Pi-hole Coins Are Now For Sale

Patrons got first dibs, but there are still plenty of coins available. These coins are high quality, colored, and textured.  Check out the product page for more information.  Enjoy! Proceeds from the sales will be used to further develop Pi-hole.

2018-06-05 0