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That Time We DDoSed GitHub

It was purely unintentional, but we did disrupt GitHub’s service not long after releasing v3.2 of Pi-hole.  We received a letter from GitHub explaining that our software was querying their API too often and was disrupting their service.  So we didn’t really DDoS them, but there was enough of an impact to show up on their radar.…
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2018-01-02 1

Pi-hole v3.2.1 Released With Lots Of Fixes

v3.2 was one of our biggest releases but many of you found bugs and issues we didn’t.  We have fixed the DNS resolution is currently unavailable issue, the settings page not working on some systems, the FTL version not showing correctly, as well as many more.  Just run pihole -up to install the update and…
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2017-12-22 3

Pi-hole v3.2 Introduces Long-term Statistics, An Audit Log, Colours, and More!

We are very pleased to release a new version of Pi-hole–version 3.2.  This release comes with a long-awaited request: long-term statistics.  You can now store and view more than 24 hours worth of Pi-hole data to help see your historical queries and performance. We also have a new audit log for keeping track of domains you…
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2017-12-06 0

Part 5: What Really Happens On Your Network?

Pi-hole is known for ad-blocking, but it’s capable of more than you might know.  This post is the fifth iteration of a collection of public posts where people have discovered weird or strange things happening on their networks thanks to Pi-hole. Since Pi-hole is a DNS server, it can keep track of which domains are queried.  While…
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2017-11-26 0

A Security Note About Your Pi-hole Logs

It has come to our attention that there are third parties asking you to upload your Pi-hole logs to them.  This is not something we recommend, condone, or otherwise find in any way acceptable. We have designed Pi-hole to help maintain your privacy by blocking advertisements/trackers, and the act of providing your logs to anyone outside the…
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2017-10-04 0

Pi-hole Will Be Participating In Hacktoberfest

If you’re interested in winning a free t-shirt from DigitalOcean (who is teaming up with GitHub to run the promotion), you need to make 4 pull requests in the month of October to any public repo.  We have tagged several issues on our repos with the hacktoberfest label, if you are you interested in quickly seeing…
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2017-09-29 0

Recurring Donations, Updated Merchandise, And Presentations

We love our community of users and we try our best to implement the things you request of us.  Many of you have been asking if you can set up recurring donations to our project.  The answer is now yes!

2017-09-12 0

Part 4: What Really Happens On Your Network?

As Pi-hole’s userbase has grown, so have the posts about people discovering interesting, perplexing, and nefarious things happening on their network.  While Pi-hole doesn’t provide deep insight into the traffic in your network, it’s great for a high-level overview of the sites/domains being visited on your network. This is the fourth iteration of this type of post.…
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2017-09-01 1

A Security Reminder When Installing Pi-hole

Please do not download Pi-hole from any other sources except:  and  Other sites are not us so please watch what you type and make sure you enter the correct domain.  We do not partner with anyone else; and our GitHub repo are the only places we distribute software from.  

2017-08-15 0

Winners Of The “Show Us Your Pi-hole” Contest

We received many submissions to the contest and we have chosen our favorites.  Below are the three winners.

2017-08-14 3