What Really Happens On Your Network? Find Out With Pi-hole

What really happens on your network?  Does it come to life when you leave for work?  Are there devices connecting to the Internet that you don’t know about?  Let’s take a look. Check out our other iterations of this post: Part one: What Really Happens On Your Network? Part two: What Really Happens On Your…
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2017-02-22 6

How To Contact The Pi-hole Development Team For Support

Without you, our users, Pi-hole wouldn’t exist, so thank you!  As w e have been getting more and more user’s of Pi-hole, we have seen increased support requests.  We’re happy to help, but many of your questions have probably already been answered.  Here are a few guidelines to help us and you get things working.

2017-02-10 0

DNSSEC And Wildcarding Available In Pi-hole Core 2.12 / Web 2.4

We are happy to release another new version of Pi-hole (Core and Web).  Your support and contributions have helped it become a reality.  This release includes several fixes and tweaks, which you can read about on  We have also added some new features. DNSSEC You requested it and we implemented it.  Once enabled, there is a…
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2017-01-28 18

Coming Soon To A Pi-hole Near You: FTL

We know the Web interface has been very slow when people’s query logs get too large, so we are here to preview something that addresses this and we are branding it FTL (Faster Than Light) to fit with the theme of Pi-hole and also to indicate how much better it performs over PHP. This wasn’t much a…
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2017-01-10 2

Pi-hole 2.10.1 / 2.0.1 Fixes Zero Blocked Queries And More

This update should fix many of the issues you may have run into with the last release.  You can install this update with: pihole -up It also contains:

2016-12-23 7

Pi-hole Updated To 2.10 Core / 2.0 Web With Fixes And Goodies

Thanks to your donations, we have been inspired to keep working on Pi-hole and are pleased to release new versions of both Pi-hole core (updated to version 2.10) and the Web interface (updated to version 2.0). How To Update Just run pihole -up to get these new features.

2016-12-21 8

Crack Our Medical Tricorder, Win A Raspberry Pi 3

We use to store debug logs (for 48 hours) from users. Somewhere in the anti-matter containment field we’ve hidden an Easter Egg for you to (try to) find.

2016-11-07 5

Pi-hole 2.9.5 Released With Fixes And Two New Features

We’re happy to announce Pi-hole Core 2.9.5.  And thank you for your continued donations. We made lot’s of fixes and tweaks, which you can find at If you have any issues updating, there is a known bug in the current version of the update script which is hopefully resovled with this release. See this post on…
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2016-10-29 7

A Better Place To Discuss Pi-hole

We’re happy to introduce our new forums/FAQs/feature requests/general discussion platform, Discourse.  Our old forums were not very good, so this is a welcomed change.  Head over to (the old forum links now redirect there). We’ll still be available on Reddit, Twitter, and email, but this will be our go to place for Pi-hole discussion.  We get…
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2016-10-18 0

Tips For Accessing Your Pi-hole Remotely

It is possible to use your Pi-hole remotely for ad-blocking on-the-go.  We don’t have a guide on this process for several reasons, which you will read about below. It’s been challenging to keep up because the project is growing larger then any of us ever imagined.  And because each member of the Pi-hole dev team has a full-time…
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2016-09-15 6