Pi-hole As A Snapcraft Package

Jacob Salmela recently went to the Snapcraft Summit in London and worked with Alan Pope for a few days to attempt to make Pi-hole installable via snap.  They made some progress, but it’s not quite functional enough to publish in the Snap Store.  To that end, we wanted to make the repo public to see if anyone in the community had anything to contribute.  Feel free to take a look, open issues, or make pull requests.


This was also a historic event because Jacob Salmela and Adam Warner (PromoFaux) met up in real life.  Our development team is 100% remote and we’ve worked together for years, but no one has ever physically met one another.  Here’s a picture of them in front of The Shard.

Get Early Access To Our Coins By Signing Up For Patreon

We launched our Patreon page a few days ago.  Patrons of Pi-hole get several benefits: in addition to the rewards already granted by becoming a patron, you’ll also get a flair on our user forums, and early access to things such as first access to our collector’s coins.

Patreon charges you on the first of the month, so if you sign up today, you’ll be just in time.  We’re offering our patrons first dibs on the Pi-hole collector coins we have been teasing.  So if you want one, make sure you sign up for Patreon today.

Finally, here’s what the custom flair on our user forums looks like:


Patreon Coming Soon: Your Feedback Requested

We’re launching a Patreon page soon, which allows you to get rewards for supporting us.  Take a look at this explainer video if you are unfamiliar with it.

We want your feedback on the reward levels.  Please let us know what you like, what you don’t, or what you like to see.

$1/month Patron Flair

We’ll flair your user on Discourse or Reddit as a Patron of Pi-hole and you have our thanks.

$3/month Insider Information

Get access to our Patron only posts.  We’ll discuss things here before releasing them to the general public.

$10/month Sticker-of-the-month Club

Get a new sheet of 24 stickers every month.

$15/month Mug-of-the-month Club

Each month, we’ll ship out a mug with a new Pi-hole inspired design on it.

Also Available…

We have around 300 custom-made, 2 inch Pi-hole coins, sequenced and everything.  They are dual-sided, colored and look very nice.  If these sell out, we could possibly do a coin-of-the-month club as well.  But for now, there is only one style coin available.

The proceeds from selling these coins will go towards our fundraising goal.

One-time funding goal for developing full time, faster updates, faster bug fixes, quicker support response times, more features, more platforms natively supported…

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You can also help us out by becoming a patron or purchasing items/services through our affiliate links below.

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We are all volunteers on the project and work on it in our free time.  Your donations will help support our infrastructure and keep us motivated to improve the product.

No registration is needed.



We’ll Send You A Free Raspberry Pi Zero If You Design Us A New Logo

Contest deadline is Friday, July 8th.  Make sure you send us your design to adblock@pi-hole.net before then!

Due to some legal issues, we are going to have to part ways with the multi-colored berry logo  🙁.  At the time we started using it, we never expected the project to gain so much popularity, and as such just recoloured the official Raspberry Pi logo… As the project has grown, so too has the attention, and it’s been pointed out that we are in fact infringing on a Trademarked logo. Continue reading “We’ll Send You A Free Raspberry Pi Zero If You Design Us A New Logo”