Part 4: What Really Happens On Your Network?

As Pi-hole’s userbase has grown, so have the posts about people discovering interesting, perplexing, and nefarious things happening on their network.  While Pi-hole doesn’t provide deep insight into the traffic in your network, it’s great for a high-level overview of the sites/domains being visited on your network.

This is the fourth iteration of this type of post.  It’s just an amalgamation of links to public forums where people have posted their discoveries and screenshots.  Enjoy! Continue reading “Part 4: What Really Happens On Your Network?”

Saturday Is The Last Day To “Show Us Your Pi-hole”

Tomorrow is the last day to send pictures of your Pi-hole setup to [email protected]  We’ll be choosing three winners by picking our favorite pictures.  The top three will receive either a Raspberry Pi 3, a Raspberry Pi Zero, or a Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless.

We’ll contact the winners via email and ask if we can share your pictures in a follow up blog post.  Thanks to everyone who has submitted pictures so far.  Good luck!

What Really Happens On Your Network? Redux

We spent a long time collecting a list of posts about users who had discovered shocking, interesting, or confusing things happening on their network, which became apparent when using Pi-hole to view the traffic happening on their network on a daily basis.

This post is another collection of these sorts of things and also to showcase that Pi-hole can do more than just block advertisements.  Read on to see all the things people discovered on their networks… Continue reading “What Really Happens On Your Network? Redux”