DNSSEC And Wildcarding Available In Pi-hole Core 2.12 / Web 2.4

We are happy to release another new version of Pi-hole (Core and Web).  Your support and contributions have helped it become a reality.  This release includes several fixes and tweaks, which you can read about on changes.pi-hole.net.  We have also added some new features.


You requested it and we implemented it.  Once enabled, there is a link you can click that will check to see if it is working. Continue reading “DNSSEC And Wildcarding Available In Pi-hole Core 2.12 / Web 2.4”

Coming Soon To A Pi-hole Near You: FTL

We know the Web interface has been very slow when people’s query logs get too large, so we are here to preview something that addresses this and we are branding it FTL (Faster Than Light) to fit with the theme of Pi-hole and also to indicate how much better it performs over PHP.

This wasn’t much a problem in the early days of Pi-hole because the Web interface was pretty basic and the ad lists were reasonably small.  Now that users can add their own block lists and are using Pi-hole in enterprise environments, the quantity of daily queries people are generating has increased. Continue reading “Coming Soon To A Pi-hole Near You: FTL”

Pi-hole 2.9.5 Released With Fixes And Two New Features

We’re happy to announce Pi-hole Core 2.9.5.  And thank you for your continued donations.

We made lot’s of fixes and tweaks, which you can find at changes.pi-hole.net.

If you have any issues updating, there is a known bug in the current version of the update script which is hopefully resovled with this release. See this post on github for help with updating manually. Continue reading “Pi-hole 2.9.5 Released With Fixes And Two New Features”

A Better Place To Discuss Pi-hole

We’re happy to introduce our new forums/FAQs/feature requests/general discussion platform, Discourse.  Our old forums were not very good, so this is a welcomed change.  Head over to discourse.pi-hole.net (the old forum links now redirect there).

We’ll still be available on Reddit, Twitter, and email, but this will be our go to place for Pi-hole discussion.  We get notified of every post, so we can better assist you when you need us.  We are still a small team so our responses may be a bit slow, but we do our best to respond to everyone. Continue reading “A Better Place To Discuss Pi-hole”