Pages To Test Ad-blocking Performance

Pi-hole Test:

This page loads advertisements.

If you’re not seeing any Google or Amazon ads, then your Pi-hole is blocking them!

Technology Sites With Advertisements


Any of Macworld’s articles have several ads an auto-playing videos.

Windows Central

This site has a lot of flyovers, popups, and other page-level advertisements.

Speed Test

A speed test site uses ads to monetize their free service, so this is a good testing site.

Parenting, Recipe, & Well-being Sites With Ads

Many of these sites use ads to keep their content free, so you’ll find them a good testing bed.

Pioneer Woman

Sleeping Should Be Easy


Some Rather Strange Sites To Generate DNS Queries

These sites are really out there and some are weird.  


This site loads a bunch of iframes that contain all sorts of different sites.  Pi-hole blocks some but it’s just a weird site…

Lings Cars

The screenshot says it all

Angelfire adblock test

An old ad block test from the 90’s that still kind of works?  It loads an ad or two but still has dead images.  It’s nostalgic, if nothing else.

Other Random Sites With Lots Of Advertisements On Them



Python Tips