Pages To Test Ad-blocking Performance

This Page

This page loads some page-level ads from Google and Amazon.  If you’re not seeing them, your Pi-hole should be working.  For additional tests, see all these links below.

Quick Place To Generate Large Ad And Other DNS Queries

This is a strange site: it’s a single Webpage with a bunch of iframes that load up different Websites along with advertisements.  You can’t actually see the entire Website because of the size if the iframe, but if you pihole -t, you’ll see a ton of DNS queries all happen at once.

You will see a ton of queries just by loading up their homepage.  It’s actually very surprising how many domains this site tries to load. can’t really be described…here’s a screenshot.  Not so great for testing ad blocking as much of it seems built in, but worthwhile if you need some queries generated.

Webpages Built Specifically For Testing Ad Blockers

Most of these Webpages are setup to detect if you are using a browser based ad blocker, but you can still generate queries and see that ads are blocked.

Real Websites To Test On

A Time Machine To The 90’s

Remember Angelfire?  Here is a site that still exists to test ad blocking.

Basically any Webpage on this site is filled with ads, which makes for a nice test bed. and

Both these sites have several ads.  Some are quite large and easy to detect if Pi-hole is working.

Any page from, or

These are news sites with lots of advertisements.

is a German news site, but running the stock lists, it detects that you are using an ad blocker.  You may also need to whitelist some things depending on your block lists to get this site to work.

In addition to regular DNS traffic from the test, they also show ads on their speed test page.

Their recent posts page has lots of banner and sidebar ads.  Often, a very obtrusive ad will appear as shown here.

Random DNS Queries

If you just want to generate some random DNS queries, check out our fork of dnsblast.