Trademark Rules And Brand Guidelines

Pi-hole® and FTLDNS™ are open source, but we still need to protect the unique identity and reputation of Pi-hole (our “brand”), both as a company and a product.

This ensures that when people see the Pi-hole name or logo, they know it is something we, the Pi-hole developers, have worked on.  We want to help you to make fair use of our name and logo so we have prepared some guidelines which explain which kinds of uses are acceptable.

Pi-hole LLC owns the following trademarks:

  1. The word Pi-hole®, which will be referred to as the Pi-hole word mark.
  2. The word FTLDNS, which will be referred to as the FTLDNS word mark.
  3. Figure 1 (below), which will be referred to as the Pi-hole logo.

FTLDNS should be written in all caps and we prefer the FTL portion of the name to be italicized to emulate a speeding effect.

Collectively, these three trademarks will be referred to as The Pi-hole Marks.

Fair Use: When can I use The Pi-hole Marks?

You are entitled to fair use of The Pi-hole Marks under trademark law, which permits you to use The Pi-hole Marks to identify our product or service so long as such use is not likely to cause unnecessary consumer or public confusion.  Please see also Developing Apps For Pi-hole.

Pi-hole is developed by and for the Pi-hole community.  If you are engaged in community advocacy, you can use The Word Marks but not the Logo in the context of showing support for the open source Pi-hole project, provided that:

  • The Word Marks are used in a manner consistent with this policy
  • There is no commercial purpose behind the use and you are not offering Pi-hole commercially under the same domain name
  • There is no suggestion that you are the creator or source of Pi-hole, or that your project is approved, sponsored, or affiliated with us or the community.

If you follow this general guideline, there shouldn’t be a problem.

When can’t I use the Pi-hole marks?

You may not:

  1. use The Pi-hole Marks as part of your company name, company logo, or product name;
  2. use a name or logo so similar to The Pi-hole Marks that may confuse or mislead people into thinking that your business, products or services originate from or are associated with Pi-hole and/or Pi-hole LLC; or in a way that will take advantage of our brand and/or reputation;
  3. use The Pi-hole Marks when redistributing our software (i.e. not modifying the source code to remove The Pi-hole Marks prior to distribution), which may confuse or mislead people into thinking that your business, products or services originate from or are associated with Pi-hole and/or Pi-hole LLC;
  4. use The Pi-hole Marks in a way that creates a false impression that your product or business is endorsed, sponsored by, or associated with Pi-holeand/or Pi-hole LLC ;
  5. manufacture, sell, or give away any items of merchandise bearing the Pi-hole marks, such as T-shirts, hats, pens, stickers, mugs etc;

What other restrictions apply to use of the Pi-hole marks?

  1. Any use of the Pi-hole marks should be accompanied by the acknowledgement(s) “Pi-hole® is a registered trademark of Pi-hole LLC” or “FTLDNS™ is a trademark of Pi-hole LLC
  2. If you use the Pi-hole logo it should link to our website at (when applicable).

We reserve all of our rights, including the right to take steps to stop any use of The Pi-hole Marks, which do not comply with the rules set out in the article or which otherwise violate, diminish, or adversely affect our rights.  You acknowledge that you will stop or take down your use of the Pi-hole marks if we ask you to do so.

Visual Identity Guidelines

Colour Palette

The default color scheme of our logo is as follows:

#F60D1A Light red


#96060C Dark red


#22B225 Dark green (left leaf shape and beginning of gradient)


#29FC2E Light green (right leaf shape and end of gradient)



Please do not:

  • remove the trademark symbol
  • delete or obscure elements of the logo
  • reposition elements of the logo
  • alter the typeface
  • introduce alternative text
  • skew the proportional scale

If you have questions about usage after reading the guidelines, please contact us directly at