Get Early Access To Our Coins By Signing Up For Patreon

We launched our Patreon page a few days ago.  Patrons of Pi-hole get several benefits: in addition to the rewards already granted by becoming a patron, you’ll also get a flair on our user forums, and early access to things such as first access to our collector’s coins.

Patreon charges you on the first of the month, so if you sign up today, you’ll be just in time.  We’re offering our patrons first dibs on the Pi-hole collector coins we have been teasing.  So if you want one, make sure you sign up for Patreon today.

Finally, here’s what the custom flair on our user forums looks like:


Notable Replies

  1. When an admin gets the Patreon notification and has time he will add it to your Discourse profile.

  2. Do we have to choose either discourse or reddit? Porque no los dos?

  3. No need to choose, you’ll get the flair on Reddit and the Discourse user icon both.

  4. Wonderful, you guys are my first patreon!

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