Month: April 2018

Blocking via regex now available in FTLDNS

We have implemented GNU Extended Regular Expressions for blocking domains into FTLDNS (as used by popular tools such as egrep (or grep -E …), awk, and emacs). To try it, you need to be participating in the FTLDNS beta test (see here for more details). This is a new feature and we invite you to…
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2018-04-24 10

Results of the Pi-hole User Survey

Staying Free Pi-hole will remain free in both meanings of the word: free of charge and open source. We know the survey spooked many of your fears and you may have considered several worst case scenarios. We heard you loud and clear, you don’t want us to charge money for Pi-hole and we won’t. In…
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2018-04-18 7

PSA: Issue With Pi-hole, DoH, and dnsmasq

[UPDATE: 2018-04-18: 05:51] The latest version of FTLDNS (vDev-3656ba2) now fixes this issue. We have modified it to spawn child processes for handling individual TCP queries. By this, Netflix (or any other application) shouldnโ€™t be able to claim the resolver for itself, thus solving the issue. If you have been beta testing FTLDNS, and want…
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2018-04-08 3

Pi-hole User Survey

The survey is now complete. Thanks to those who contributed. Pi-hole has grown far beyond what any of us could have imagined. As Pi-hole continues to evolve, we are looking at what Pi-hole is and if itโ€™s meeting the demands of the market. An experienced product manager has been helping us and has put together…
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2018-04-03 2