Month: January 2018

Pi-hole Web Interface: The Next Generation

We have been working on a new Web interface for Pi-hole (referenced internally as Next Gen Admin or NGAdmin). The existing interface built off of AdminLTE has served us well, but we have grown beyond the capabilities of an existing template. We’re also looking to implement an HTTP API. This new interface is open source…
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Pi-hole Is Open Source: Consume, Contribute, Or Both?

Pi-hole is a great project for all experience levels–both as a piece of software to consume and as an open source project you can contribute to. Whether you just started getting interested in software and want to learn how to program or contribute to an open source project; or you have been a life-long tinkerer…
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What Really Happens On Your Network? Part 6

Using Pi-hole, there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of people discovering strange, worrisome, or surprising things happening on their network. Take a look through our latest compilation of these discoveries from around the Internet.

That Time We DDoSed GitHub

It was purely unintentional, but we did disrupt GitHub’s service not long after releasing v3.2 of Pi-hole. We received a letter from GitHub explaining that our software was querying their API too often and was disrupting their service. So we didn’t really DDoS them, but there was enough of an impact to show up on…
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