Month: August 2016

Pi-hole 2.9 Released With Important Bug Fixes Plus Some Cool New Stuff

We’re happy to release a new version of Pi-hole core. With this release, please accept our apologies for the pihole -d command. You pointed out that it uploads some sensitive information without permission. We put a fix in place quickly, but we were a bit slow on the release.

Enjoy The Rio Olympics Ad-free With Pi-hole

The NBC app (or their live stream site) for watching the olympics isn’t that great to begin with, but throw is some obtrusive advertisements and it quickly degrades the olympic experience. This can be easily remedied with an ad-blocking Pi-hole.

Our New Logo

We really like it and we think you’ll agree. Legitimacy Pi-hole has always been a community-driven project and we couldn’t have made it this far without all of you. In keeping with that spirit, we wanted our users to help us design and pick a new logo.