Month: March 2017

The Pi-holeā„¢ Swag Store Is Now Open

Well, 49 out of 50 customers now have a limited edition Pi-hole shirt–I forgot to seal an envelope so there is one lost shirt, somewhere in the Post Office ????. People have been asking if we will be selling any more. The answer is yes, and then some.

Pi-hole Core 2.13.2 / Web 2.5.2

This release includes fixes and tweaks, but the main thing you may be interested in is the new Pi-hole Checkout feature. We’ve made it a bit easier for the users who want to check out what’s happening in our development branches. If you decide you want to check out some of the features we are…
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Get Your Pi-hole T-shirt While Supplies Last

[UPDATE]: Sold out, but check out our new Swag Store! Many of you have been asking for these, so we thought we would try and see if a limited run of them would sell (if they don’t then the dev team will have a new wardrobe ????). The t-shirts we are selling are made of…
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Pi-hole 2.13 Core / 2.5 Web

What’s new? Don’t forget to vote for your favorite feature requests (or submit your own). This release includes seven of your requests. The project will now use EUPL for it’s license. All code previous to this master release will remain under their respective licenses. You will now have the choice to install the Web interface…
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