Month: December 2020

Pi-hole Core/Web v5.2.2 and FTL v5.3.4 released!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. No shiny new features for you this time, but fixes for bugs identified since the last version, and a few tweaks here and there. Full details below. As ever, before running pihole -up to update, make sure you’ve read over the release notes to ensure there’s nothing…
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Pi-hole Core/Web v5.2.1 and FTL v5.3.2 released!

They say Pi-hole releases are like London buses.. you don’t see one for ages, and then they all come at once! Mostly just bugfixes in this release, no new features. Core: Don’t delete entries including and greater than PIHOLE_DNS_10 on update/repair #3874 (@PromoFaux) Fix “Never forward non-FQDNs” checkbox #3887 (@DL6ER) Fix processing of CONDITIONAL_FORWARDING_REVERSE #3882…
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