Pi-hole 4.3.2 Release notes

Pi-hole 4.3.2 Release notes

We are pleased to release version 4.3.2 of the core and web repositories. Please see the change list below. In order to update, please run pihole -up from a terminal session.

One major change in this release is the removal of support for adblock style lists such as Easylist / Easyprivacy, so you may notice a reduction in the number of blocked domains if you have added lists like this in the past. The reason for this change is that these lists were never designed to be parsed into a HOST formatted file, and while it may catch some domains, there are far too many false positives produced by using them in this way. If you have lists in this format, Pi-hole will now ignore them, and attempts to get around the detection will likely end up with a broken gravity list.



  • Simplify restarting code for pihole restartdns #2873 (Fixes #2869)
  • Remove the ZeusTracker blocklist from the defaults #2846 (Fixes #2843)
  • Fix for 404 error when browsing to http://pi.hole/ (without /admin) #2826
  • Fix for when dig also returns a CNAME #2865 (Fixes #2863)
  • Fix pihole -up showing FTL update when network is down #2820 (Fixes #1877)
  • Improve pid detection in pihole-FTL.service #2767
  • Fix uninstall causing 403 errors and not removing packages #2808
  • Fix pihole manpage to match code. #2822
  • Fix error when getting latest FTL tag from GitHub API #2882
  • Call pihole with full path in install and cronjobs. #2886 (Fixes #2860)
  • Add dhcp-ignore-names option when enabling DHCP service #2768 – Backport from v4.2
  • Restore pihole -q hosts format support and improve matching in edge cases #2891
  • Remove adblock list style support #2912


  • Replace fa-refresh with fa-sync #942 (Fixes #941)
  • Fix sorting of queries with identical timestamps #938 (Fixes #934)
  • Fix the sidebar toggle from overflowing when hovered over #946 (Fixes #945)
  • Add correct IP sorting for the ARP table #948 (Fixes #947)
  • Fix audit log button being too wide #935
  • Update font-awesome class for clock icon in Fontawesome 5 #957
  • Hide clients over time graph is no data is available #966 (Fixes #932)
  • Clarify that the router does not always have to be the DHCP server #967 (Fixes #893)
  • Always show the full requested range in the long-term API results #900
  • Prevent command injection via admin email #974
  • Don’t show the “Click to …” tooltip when filtering is disabled #972 (Fixes #971)
  • Feature: Batch audit requests #977
  • Prevent static DHCP leases from having duplicate hostnames #980 (Fixes #979)
  • Fix further broken font-awesome-icons #987
  • Fix missing icon for the whitelist button on the query log page #984 (Fixes #983)
  • Add TEMPERATURE_LIMIT setting #991
  • Removed outdated code #993
  • Fix some XSS issues in settings.php #1005



As always, Thank you to to our patrons and everyone else who continue to support us.