[Hotfix] Pi-hole Web v5.5.1 released

[Hotfix] Pi-hole Web v5.5.1 released

Just a quick note to say we have pushed out a small bugfix release for the web component to address a couple of security issues reported to us. As ever, read the release notes before updating.


The :v5.8.1 docker image has been re-tagged to include this hotfix, but it also allowed us to bring in some (non-breaking) housekeeping and changes to the build process of the container at the same time.

Docker Specific Changes:

  • [BugFix] Ignore SKIPGRAVITYONBOOT if gravity.db does not exist #881
  • [BugFix-BugFix] Fix gravityDB check #883
  • [BugFix] Remove Unneccessary kill -9 #888
  • [BugFix] Remove no longer needed workaround for resolvconf #882
  • [BugFix] Remove obsolete debconf-apt-progress workaround #879
  • [Docs] Add documentation for WEBPASSWORD_FILE #869
  • [Docs] Fix DNS_BOGUS_PRIV description #857
  • [Docs] Small correction in the ‘Quick Start’ section of the README #886
  • [Docs] Update README.md to add changes in #867 #873
  • [Docs] Use nginxproxy’s DockerHub registry #890
  • [Housekeeping] Remove broken doco-example.yml symlink #737
  • [Infrasctucture] Switch multiarch/debian-debootstrap to pihole/debian-debootstrap to fix build issues #892
  • [Infrastructure] Single versions file #861
  • [Infrastructure] install.sh overhaul #843
  • [New Feature] Add CACHE_SIZE environment variable to the available options #689
  • [New Feature] Adding CORS_HOSTS to PHP environment #867
  • [New Feature] Introduced WEBTHEME environment variable to control user interface theme selection. #856


These fixes are also in both the beta branch for the web interface, and the :beta-v5.9 docker image.