Pi-hole FTL v5.14, Web v5.11 and Core v5.9 released

Pi-hole FTL v5.14, Web v5.11 and Core v5.9 released

As always, please read through the changelog before updating with pihole -up. (A new tag for docker image will arrive shortly.)

Pi-hole FTL changes:

What’s Changed
  • Update Sqlite3 engine to 3.37.2 by @DL6ER in #1276
  • Enable history and auto-completion for embedded SQLite3 engine by @DL6ER in #1282
  • Optimize queries table by @DL6ER in #1255
  • Use embedded SQLite3 engine for the tests by @DL6ER in #1283
  • Add others section to upstream servers pie chart by @DL6ER in #1284
  • Print more details in CLI regex-test by @DL6ER in #1287
  • Log errors caused locally correctly by @DL6ER in #1294
  • Add >maxlogage telnet API endpoint by @DL6ER in #1295
  • Keep Query Log details across FTL restart by @DL6ER in #1285
  • Deprecate REPLY_ADDR4/6 in favor of more fine-grained setting by @DL6ER in #1293
  • Do not warn about less-than-full addresses when analyzing EDNS(0) packets by @DL6ER in #1296
  • Prevent excessive reply times in the Query Log after restarting by @DL6ER in #1297
  • perf improvements for findDomainID() by @stuXORstu in #1286
  • Update embedded dnsmasq to v2.87test8 by @DL6ER in #1281
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Full Changelogv5.13...v5.14

Pi-hole Web changes:

What’s Changed
New Contributors

Full Changelogv5.10.1...v5.11

Pi-hole Core changes:

What’s Changed
  • Skip the required ports check if installed in docker container by @PromoFaux in #4536
  • Fix gravity in case there are no adlists at all or all are disabled by @DL6ER in #4535
  • Install netcat-openbsd as dependency explicitly by @MichaIng in #4532
  • Remove oneline from ss call by @yubiuser in #4542
  • Include ip addr show and ip route show in debug log by @DL6ER in #4543
  • use sed substitute instead of delete and append by @lschloetterer in #4555
  • Move space into variable by @rdwebdesign in #4562
  • Fix stale label to stale by @yubiuser in #4588
  • Fix updating based on tags on older git versions by doing a full fetch by @yubiuser in #4575
  • Replace value for BLOCKING_ENABLED, add if it does not already exist by @PromoFaux in #4585
  • Replace calls to sqlite3 by calls to pihole-FTL sqlite3 by @DL6ER in #4584
  • Switch from centos8 to centos8:stream base image for centos 8 tests by @PromoFaux in #4596
  • Remove pihole-FTL.conf manpage by @yubiuser in #4489
  • add parameter to set filename for teleporter by @lschloetterer in #4582
  • Use case insensitive deletion when removing custom CNAME/DNS records by @PromoFaux in #4598
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Full Changelogv5.8.1...v5.9

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