Pi-hole Web v5.18.2 and Core v5.15.1 released

Pi-hole Web v5.18.2 and Core v5.15.1 released

As always, please read through the changelog before updating with pihole -up. (A new tag for docker image will arrive in due course.)

Update 2023-01-25:

Core v5.15.3 released to address an issue with the PHP config for the admin page:

Web v5.18.3 released with a security fix for CVE-2023-23614:

Update 2023-01-23:

Core v5.15.2 released with small patch to prevent rare issues on new installs:

  • Ensure that the directory /run/lighttpd exists, and that it is owned by www-data by @PromoFaux in #5143


  • When running gravity, if you receive a notice that Pi-hole is ignoring “non-domains” – this is not an error and is for information only. Sometimes lists contain hostnames or regex that are not compatible when importing with gravity – but it does not nessacerily mean action needs to be taken. In previous releases we made this appear more severe than it actually is.
  • To clarify changes in the last release – if you receive a 403 response when navigating to http://ip.address this is entirely expected and does not constitute a bug. There are some workarounds and tweaks mentioned in the previous release notes if you absolutely have to browse to the web interface by IP. Else, just use http://pi.hole or manually append /admin when browsing via IP (or update your bookmarks)

Pi-hole Web changes:

What’s Changed

New Contributors

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Pi-hole Core changes:

What’s Changed

  • Include mod_accesslog with new config by @PromoFaux in #5121
  • Run updatechecker after gravity by @yubiuser in #5137
  • Only remove the server.modules+= from new config if lighttpd version is < 1.4.56 by @PromoFaux in #5133
  • Cleanup if startup failed by @yubiuser in #5052
  • Reduce number of false positives when gravity unable to import domains – change the wording of the output by @PromoFaux in #5128
  • Change php socket path back to /run/lighttpd/ from /tmp by @PromoFaux in #5139
  • Always set lighttpd config dir permissions by @yubiuser in #5038

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