Pi-Hole 3.1.4: Hotfix for IPv6 CIDR bug

Hi folks, just a quick post to mention that we’ve pushed a hotfix which should resolve any issues you may have been seeing related to IPv6 blocking.

Full details can be found on the GitHub repo.

Thanks to all those who reported this to us, keep your eyes for a bigger release coming soon™

There may be an issue in a small number of installs running pihole -up, if you are affected please run the following commands to reset your local repository, this will get you onto 3.1.4 and should fix pihole -up if it was broken.

sudo rm -rf /etc/.pihole

sudo git clone https://github.com/pi-hole/pi-hole /etc/.pihole

pihole -r

What Really Happens On Your Network? Redux

We spent a long time collecting a list of posts about users who had discovered shocking, interesting, or confusing things happening on their network, which became apparent when using Pi-hole to view the traffic happening on their network on a daily basis.

This post is another collection of these sorts of things and also to showcase that Pi-hole can do more than just block advertisements.  Read on to see all the things people discovered on their networks… Continue reading “What Really Happens On Your Network? Redux”

Giving a presentation on Pi-hole? Contact us first for some goodies and support!

If you are planning on giving a speech or presentation on Pi-hole, we’d love to get in contact before you do.

We have seen several people talking about Pi-hole and delivering presentations lately and we’d like to help support these efforts, so if you are planning on doing a presentation, contact us beforehand and we can set you up with some free swag for your audience and maybe more! Continue reading “Giving a presentation on Pi-hole? Contact us first for some goodies and support!”