Block More Ads: IPv6 Support With Pi-hole

Block More Ads: IPv6 Support With Pi-hole

Since starting the Pi-hole two years ago, more and more sites have been delivering ads over IPv6. The Pi-hole now blocks ads on IPv4 and IPv6. This should immediately improve the effectiveness of the Pi-hole.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an update mechanism yet, but you can either use the new script, or re-install the Pi-hole. It might be a good time now that Raspbian Jessie Lite is available. It’s pretty fast to setup and install everything.

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  1. John McCambridge says:

    Every since i updated to 2.1 my raspberry pi is no longer blocking ads. Any ideas?

  2. John McCambridge says:

    i also noticed that the number of domains getting pulled in by gravity is something around 2400. It used to be like 60,000. Did i screw up my blacklist somehow?

  3. John McCambridge says:

    Update: i realized that one of the lists was commented out. I think that was the issue i was having

    • jacobsalmela says:

      Yeah, depending which lists you are using the amounts will vary. All of the lists are controlled by third parties, so they may add or remove domains as they maintain the list.

  4. CX1 says:

    Reinstalled today and find being blocked wholesale. Breaks a lot.

    • jacobsalmela says:

      Are you using the mahakala list? That list was always blocking legitimate domains…

      • CX1 says:

        I did not edit Grabbed the gravity from November and it is working fine now.

        • jacobsalmela says:

          Weird. I don’t maintain the lists, so that part is out of my control, but weird stuff like that has popped up now and then.

  5. Frank Martinek says:

    I seem to be running into some issues.

    I initially setup my Pi right after the first of the year and it was working great, then one day I went to check the web interface to see how it was doing and all of the stats were sitting at 0. I hooked my Pi up to my TV so I could take a look and all I had was a flashing black cursor. But it still seemed to be blocking ads

    After that I wiped the SD card and re-installed Raspbian and ran the setup script again, reboot, got a flashing cursor.

    Did the same process as above again and this time everything seemed to be working fine throughout a reboot, today I noticed ads were popping up on pages and when I hooked the Pi to my TV I am getting a flashing cursor again and the web interface is not loading with the error “connection refused”.

    This is the only thing I use the Pi for, any ideas what might be going on?

  6. Trust_Verify says:

    I’m completely new to RPi. Plenty of IT experience from work though…
    Finally got the RPi up and running on the 4th try to something resembling a stable system…. documentation is what it is. I’m running the Debian from and installed bind9, iptables, iptables-persistant and finally pi-hole 2.6… by far pi-hole with the newest installer was easier than anything so far. I have the pi-hole web installed/working as well though the suggested edits weren’t available… perhaps already fixed? Keep up the great work!!!!! You’ve made this as simple as I would have for a NOOB. Copy and paste the commands… answer a few questions and it’s running. Everyone should have this installed and all the devs out there should be creating documentation and scripts that are this easy..

    • jacobsalmela says:

      I’m glad it’s working!

      • Trust_Verify says:

        It is and it isn’t… it seems to be blocking the advertising sites just fine… However it disabled my BIND9 installation completely… I’ve been taking general notes while installing everything. Right now I want to install a few more parts… Mail, iSCSI, boot to disk,LDAP… then I’ll go back and start from scratch, hopefully not making the same errors and have a clean system…
        Side note… I installed a RTC DS3231… one thing missing from the notes online, that I stumbled on in some forgotten thread, is that the I2C needs ENABLED through raspi-config… That creates the necessary directories.

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