Pi-hole Core 2.6.3 Released

Pi-hole Core 2.6.3 Released

2016-05-23 Updates 0

Check out out 2.7 / 1.3 released today! 2016-06-11

A small release to fix a few and improve a few things:

  • [NEW] – Added new default list (commented out by default) #452
  • [NEW] – Added new default list for Windows telemetry (commented out by default) #509
  • [NEW] – Added more info to debug log + tells you where to find it #460
  • [NEW] – Added root check to whitelist/blacklist scripts
  • [NEW] – Changed command to reload dnsmasq to have more compatibility
  • [FIX] – Made help show for whitelist and blacklist scripts #468
  • [FIX] – Now a custom IP specified at install will be used instead of whatever the script finds#472
  • [NEW] – Add X-Frame-Options: DENY to the web interface headers so that it can’t be used in place of an ad #491
  • [NEW] – Remove toilet and figlet as dependencies. They are replaced with simple echo calls#500

Also, stay tuned for Py-hole (the Python rewrite of Pi-hole). It’s a big project, but will ultimately let us add new features and fix bugs faster.