A Better Place To Discuss Pi-hole

A Better Place To Discuss Pi-hole

We’re happy to introduce our new forums/FAQs/feature requests/general discussion platform, Discourse. Our old forums were not very good, so this is a welcomed change. Head over to discourse.pi-hole.net (the old forum links now redirect there).

We’ll still be available on Reddit, Twitter, and email, but this will be our go to place for Pi-hole discussion. We get notified of every post, so we can better assist you when you need us. We are still a small team so our responses may be a bit slow, but we do our best to respond to everyone.

User Accounts, Posts, And An Apology

First let me apologize for spamming your inbox; I forgot to hit save when I checked the box to disable outbound emails, so when I imported the user accounts and the old posts, it sent out a bunch of emails.

Your user account is the same as it was on the old forums–you may just need to reset your password.


Feature Requests and FAQs

I’m still going to work on importing these over, but there are a lot of outdated posts, so I may go through it and manually filter through to bring over only the good stuff.