Pi-hole 2.9.5 Released With Fixes And Two New Features

Pi-hole 2.9.5 Released With Fixes And Two New Features

We’re happy to announce Pi-hole Core 2.9.5. And thank you for your continued donations.

We made lot’s of fixes and tweaks, which you can find at changes.pi-hole.net.

If you have any issues updating, there is a known bug in the current version of the update script which is hopefully resovled with this release. See this post on github for help with updating manually.

A long-awaited pause/resume functionality is included in this release. Quickly enable/disable blocking using

pihole enable
pihole disable

You can also do this from the Admin interace using the button on the side bar!

Also included is a more privacy-conscious debug process after feedback from you. Instead of using termbin, we set up our own server, so only the devs will have access to your debug log. Just tell us your debug token when asking for help. Logs are dumped after 24 hours.

::: The debug log can be uploaded to tricorder.pi-hole.net for sharing with developers only.

::: Would you like to upload the log? [y/N] y

::: Your debug token is : nfxgsp4fd2

::: Debug log can be found at : /var/log/pihole_debug.log

7 Responses

  1. yaman koudmani says:

    Finally. A way to quickly enable and disable blocking. Also, now that the RPI3 has wifi, is there anyway of making it work without an Ethernet cable? I tried to set it up that way but it didn’t work…

    • jacobsalmela says:

      It should work using whatever interface you want. Did Wi-Fi show up as an interface when running through the installer?

      • yaman koudmani says:

        Yes, all setup over wifi seemed to do was kill my Pi’s Wifi for a few minutes and then went back to normal. Ad Blocking didn’t work though

    • The Antimist says:

      It works for me on my RPi3 with Wifi. Just select wlan0 during the Setup of PiHole.

  2. Fred Milkman says:

    is it possible to enable/disable Pi hole though API ? HTTP call or something like this ?

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