Pi-hole v3.2.1 Released With Lots Of Fixes

Pi-hole v3.2.1 Released With Lots Of Fixes

v3.2 was one of our biggest releases but many of you found bugs and issues we didn’t. We have fixed the DNS resolution is currently unavailable issue, the settings page not working on some systems, the FTL version not showing correctly, as well as many more. Just run pihole -up to install the update and get the fixes in place. Read on for more details or checkout changes.pi-hole.net for the full changelogs.

This supplemental release:

FTL Enhancements

In addition to the fixes for all parts of Pi-hole, the new version of FTL enhances flexibility in regards to the long-term database. It is now possible to specify in the config file where the database should be stored (defaults to /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.db) and how often new queries are added to the database (defaults to once per minute).

This allows to e.g. easily put the database on an external device (possibly also a network share) or to increase or lower the update frequency of the database.

Note that we already collect all new queries within a certain time interval (given e.g. one minute) and write them in one batch to the file instead of writing immediately after each query to reduce load on e.g. SD cards.


Thank you for your patience while we worked through these issues. We still have a lot of good things planned for Pi-hole, so stay tuned. And please note many of the devs will have some time away this coming week, so please be patient if you are posting issues or need help. Thanks!

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