Pi-hole User Survey

Pi-hole User Survey

2018-04-03 Random 3

The survey is now complete. Thanks to those who contributed.

Pi-hole has grown far beyond what any of us could have imagined. As Pi-hole continues to evolve, we are looking at what Pi-hole is and if it’s meeting the demands of the market. An experienced product manager has been helping us and has put together two surveys. If you’re willing, please consider filling one of them out.

  • If you are already using Pi-hole, please fill out this short survey.
  • If you have not installed Pi-hole before, please fill out this short survey

Here is SurveyMonkey’s privacy policy if you are concerned about it.


Notable Replies

  1. The surveymonkey page does not exist for users who are already using pi-hole (nor the others).

  2. The survey is done and we will be removing the links so we don't have to pay for the service.

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