Pi-hole Core/Web v5.2.1 and FTL v5.3.2 released!

Pi-hole Core/Web v5.2.1 and FTL v5.3.2 released!

They say Pi-hole releases are like London buses.. you don’t see one for ages, and then they all come at once!

Mostly just bugfixes in this release, no new features.


  • Don’t delete entries including and greater than PIHOLE_DNS_10 on update/repair #3874 (@PromoFaux)
  • Fix “Never forward non-FQDNs” checkbox #3887 (@DL6ER)
  • Fix processing of CONDITIONAL_FORWARDING_REVERSE #3882 (@PromoFaux )
  • Fix debugger stripping content it shouldn’t #3892 (@DL6ER)
  • Exit installer if directory already exists when trying to clone one of our repos into it #3893 (@PromoFaux)
  • Ensure x86_64 processor architecture is listed as supported #3890 (@ganto)


  • Improve documentation on Settings page #1642 (@DL6ER)


  • Use case-insensitive comparison for MAC addresses #952
  • Always try to resolve hostnames at least once #957
  • Tweak code to restore compatibility with Gentoo gcc 10.2.0-r3 #954
  • Fix for numerous hourly PTR requests seen in network with many (dead) IPv6 addresses (new config option REFRESH_HOSTNAMES) #953
  • Fix compatibility with gcc version 10 (thanks @DDoSolitary) 4492562 + d61ddc3
  • Do not warn about retried queries (query status 12 and 13) during history import 5709ce3
  • Catch all real-time signals and handle them appropriately instead of terminating unexpectedly a8266a7
    This fixes unexpected terminations of FTL when requesting to re-resolve host names, ARP processing or alias-client reloading from the database.
  • Check for memory allocation errors in parse_FTLconf() b04926a
    This should hopefully fix #947
  • Respect RESOLVE_IPV4 and RESOLVE_IPv6 everywhere 267eb95

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