Pi-hole Core/Web v5.2.2 and FTL v5.3.4 released!

Pi-hole Core/Web v5.2.2 and FTL v5.3.4 released!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

No shiny new features for you this time, but fixes for bugs identified since the last version, and a few tweaks here and there. Full details below.

As ever, before running pihole -up to update, make sure you’ve read over the release notes to ensure there’s nothing that would stop you from upgrading. Pi-hole docker containers will be updated in due course… (before anyone asks “Where’s the Docker update??”)

Update: Just pushed the :v5.3.4 tags for Docker. Merry Christmas!


  • Update pihole-FTL man-pages #3883 (@ganto)
  • piholeDebug: Fix warning if lighttpd/php are not installed #3902 (@ganto)
  • piholeDebug: Diagnose output if (Web) git directory is not found #3904 (@ganto)
  • Fix chronometer output if web interface is not installed #3900 (@ganto)
  • Adding comma to the adlist table format #3909 (@onegreydot)
  • Add fallback for arch detection on i386/x86_64 #3940 (@dschaper)


  • Change color of blocked queries in dashboard piechart forward destination to red #1594 (@yubiuser)
  • Switch from fontawesome webfonts to SVG + JS #1619 (@notriddle)
  • Show status of retried DNS queries in query log correctly #1646 (@dnhp)
  • Require auth for recentBlocked function #1650 (@aidentwoods)
  • Use hash_equals when comparing to pwhash from cookie #1652 (@aidantwoods)
  • Validate target domain for CNAME records #1662 (@yubiuser)
  • Fix transactions in groups.php #1664 (@DL6ER)
  • Prevent malformed DNS queries executing JS on querylog/long term query pages #1665 (@PromoFaux)



  • Immediately resolve host names of clients and upstream destinations #996
  • Add UNKNOWN option for REFRESH_HOSTNAME #985
  • Add lua and luac drop-in support #968
  • Show BOOTP server and file strings used by TFTP in dhcp-discover #963


  • Add DEBUG_EXTRA flag #994
  • Improve compatibility with old (ancient) kernels #984 #969
  • Add more debugging output for domain reloading (on receipt of SIGHUP) #970
  • Implement interrupt-safe systemcalls #969


  • Escape spaces by ~ in domains and hostnames to fix API issues with such names #997
  • Fix CNAME query blocking mode #995
  • Fix crashing forks when regex structure changed #982
  • Fix freeing regex pointers to free the global objects #971
  • Fix possible crash in parse_FTLconf() #967
  • Update dnsmasq version to 2.82 #964

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