Pi-hole Core v5.2.3, Web v5.3 and FTL v5.4 released!

Pi-hole Core v5.2.3, Web v5.3 and FTL v5.4 released!

A new year, a new release!

Before running pihole -up to update, make sure you’ve read over the release notes below to ensure there’s nothing that would stop you from upgrading. Pi-hole docker containers will be updated in due course… (before anyone asks “Where’s the Docker update??”)

Update: Docker containers now tagged at :v5.4






  • Implement support for displaying exact type instead of just OTHER #1013
    Screenshot from 2021-01-03 21-52-16
  • Add new query types SVCB and HTTPS #1010 (@DL6ER)
    These queries where shown as OTHER before. Now they can be distinguished on the query log pages and are included as separate items in the daily statistics.
  • Detect and handle interface changes of clients with the same IP #999 (@DL6ER)
  • Update SQLite3 to 3.34.0 #1006 (@DL6ER)
    We also expose a full-fledged SQLite3 shell interface through pihole-FTL sqlite3


  • Fix for errno not being set by posix_fallocate() #1023 (@DL6ER)
  • Check for validity of iface pointer before dereferencing it #1018 (@DL6ER)
  • Don’t show retried queries when filtering for blocked queries #1022 (@Daxtorim)
  • Do not record NXDOMAIN from DNS cache as “regex blocked” #1014 (@DL6ER)
  • Added missing NS query type to getQueryTypes() #1007 (@Daxtorim)
  • Do not return regex idx if privacy level > 0 #1016 (@DL6ER)

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