Pi-hole FTL v5.11, Web v5.8 and Core v5.6 released

Pi-hole FTL v5.11, Web v5.8 and Core v5.6 released

As always, please read through the changelog before updating with pihole -up. (A new tag for docker image will arrive shortly.)

Pi-hole FTL changes:

  • Prevent race collisions when parsing FTL config file #1222
  • Fix incorrect response times for complex CNAMEs #1213
  • Improve CI tests #1212
  • Ensure compatibility with alpine 3.13+ #1210
  • Support dynamic linking as fallback #1204 (thanks @pemensik)
  • Add PIHOLE_PTR=HOSTNAMEFQDN option #1202
  • Tweak rate-limiting #1199
  • Improve interface detection #1198
  • Fix rare crashes when rate-limiting happens before queries are blocked #1197
  • Fix network byte order confusion in local lookups #1196
  • Fix deep CNAME inspection #1192

Full Changelogpi-hole/FTL@v5.10.2...v5.11

Pi-hole Core Changes:

Full Changelogpi-hole/pi-hole@v5.5...v5.6

Pi-hole Web changes:

  • Dashboard icons – send to back and fixing position when scaled up #1915 by @rdwebdesign
  • Unescape German umlauts #1914 by @yubiuser
  • Add note to query log that pi.hole queries are not logged #1913 by @yubiuser
  • Do not default true for unset variables DNS_FQDN_REQUIRED and DNS_BOGUS_PRIV #1909 by @yubiuser
  • Background colors on Query log + striped table #1916 by @rdwebdesign
  • fix: row background colors in query log #1906 by @lionralfs
  • Make entire Forgot Password box header clickable #1917 by @davidjb
  • #1777 “Remember me for 7 days” doesn’t work if you log in from Recent Queries #1870 by @chrismiceli
  • Handle empty “” domain in query top list correctly #1790 by @yubiuser
  • Modal-Dialog for Teleporter-import #1231 by @Th3M3
  • Suppress empty lines during teleporter import #1921 by @yubiuser
  • Do not try to resolve hostname of clients in long-term data #1931 by @yubiuser
  • Add delete button to the network table to allow deleting individual entries #1924 by @yubiuser
  • Do not restart for every item during Teleporter import of Local DNS record or CNAME #1925 by @yubiuser
  • Display Docker Tag in footer if the PIHOLE_DOCKER_TAG environment variable is detected #1933 by @PromoFaux
  • Set font’s color in teleporter iframe (fix for #1923#1934 by @PromoFaux
  • Prevent possible XSS attack vector on add_client GHSA-mhr8-7rvg-8r43 thanks to @stypr and @rpunnett for reporting

Full Changelogpi-hole/AdminLTE@v5.7...v5.8