Pi-hole FTL v5.12, Web v5.9 and Core v5.7 released

Pi-hole FTL v5.12, Web v5.9 and Core v5.7 released

As always, please read through the changelog before updating with pihole -up. (A new tag for docker image will arrive shortly.)

Pi-hole FTL changes:

What’s Changed
  • Extend pihole -vv by @DL6ER in #1229
  • Print FTL version when calling the built in sqlite function only in interactive mode by @yubiuser in #1226
  • Compute reply time also for queries which failed upstream by @DL6ER in #1234
  • sync master -> development by @DL6ER in #1236
  • Tweak to determination of fastest upstream by @DL6ER in #1235
  • Analyze error report origins by @DL6ER in #1237
  • Improve virtual interface analysis by @DL6ER in #1241
  • Add dnsmasq warnings to message table by @DL6ER in #1243
  • Ensure dbclose() is not called multiple times by @DL6ER in #1244
  • Add support for conditional domain suffixes in HOSTNAMEFQDN mode by @DL6ER in #1250
  • Warn about resource shortages by @DL6ER in #1249
  • Update SQLite engine from 3.36.0 to 3.37.0 by @DL6ER in #1251
  • Test for dnsmasq warning messages in source code by @DL6ER in #1246
  • Do not catch SIGABRT by @DL6ER in #1252
  • Update embedded dnsmasq to v2.87test4-6 by @DL6ER in #1230

Full Changelogv5.11...v5.12

Pi-hole Core changes:

What’s Changed
New Contributors

Full Changelogv5.6...v5.7

Pi-hole Web changes:

What’s Changed
  • Fix date ranges in datarangepicker in long-term data by @yubiuser in #1940
  • Fix dashboard icon animations in Safari by @Iksas in #1939
  • Set stateDuration to 0 for all saved datatables to store the state indefinitely by @yubiuser in #1944
  • Tweak to datatables column rendering by @PromoFaux in #1948
  • Add missing blocked boolean in queries.js by @DylanSealy in #1950
  • Add Star Trek LCARS theme by @rdwebdesign in #1936
  • Queryads single DIV and responsive CSS (fixed) by @rdwebdesign in #1952
  • Add missing rel=”noopener” attributes by @DylanSealy in #1956
  • Sidebar and nav-tab-custom: additional CSS for focus state by @rdwebdesign in #1955
  • Allowing data loading after selecting/deselecting options – Long-term data > Query Log by @rdwebdesign in #1957
  • fix: exclude status checkboxes from being treated as iCheck elements by @lionralfs in #1910
  • Long-term graph changes by @rdwebdesign in #1969
  • small typo in IP_ADDPRESS_OF_YOUR_PI_HOLE; two minor copy tweaks by @Homesteady in #1972
  • Add pretty-printing for message type DNSMASQ_WARN by @DL6ER in #1973
  • Fix the icon position (login password field) by @rdwebdesign in #1974
  • Revert “Remove duplicated code as it is already part of utils.stateLoadCallback” by @yubiuser in #1975
  • Improving the display of some graphics by @rdwebdesign in #1976
  • Remove traces of leftover API_PRIVACY_MODE by @yubiuser in #1943
  • Use theme gridColor and ticksColor in long time graph by @yubiuser in #1977
  • Swaping bar colors on “db_lists.js”. by @rdwebdesign in #1981
  • Redo of Fixes background of the dark-midnight theme #1961 by @yubiuser in #1966
  • Fix PHP 8 incompatibility on settings page by @DL6ER in #1970
  • Fix DHCP tables button column by @yubiuser in #1982
  • Add note to message table how to generate debug log by @yubiuser in #1962
  • Remove obsolete code from network.php by @yubiuser in #1979
  • Add message types LOAD, SHMEM and DISK to Pi-hole diagnosis system by @DL6ER in #1989
  • Add bounce animation to Pi-hole diagnosis warning triangle by @DL6ER in #1990
  • Applying the same colors (CSS colors) used on the dashboard, for consistency. by @rdwebdesign in #1992
  • Number of domains on adlist is total number not valid number by @yubiuser in #1995
  • Select PHP version for phpstan by @rdwebdesign in #2007
  • Change default theme to auto light/dark theme by @yubiuser in #2006
  • Show ignored items when adding new adlists by @rdwebdesign in #1997
  • Improving code readability for lists (index.js and db_lists.js) by @rdwebdesign in #1994
  • Improve interface settings by @DL6ER in #2011
  • Add absent tags by @paul-man in #1991
  • Avoid window.open and add more visible eye icon by @paul-man in #1996
  • Add padding to apple fav icon and set background to black by @yubiuser in #2003
  • Reduce eye size by @DL6ER in #2015
  • Better output for “prettier” test by @rdwebdesign in #2014
New Contributors

Full Changelogv5.8...v5.9

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