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Tips For Accessing Your Pi-hole Remotely

It is possible to use your Pi-hole remotely for ad-blocking on-the-go. We don’t have a guide on this process for several reasons, which you will read about below. It’s been challenging to keep up because the project is growing larger then any of us ever imagined. And because each member of the Pi-hole dev team…
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Enjoy The Rio Olympics Ad-free With Pi-hole

The NBC app (or their live stream site) for watching the olympics isn’t that great to begin with, but throw is some obtrusive advertisements and it quickly degrades the olympic experience. This can be easily remedied with an ad-blocking Pi-hole.

cURLing and Piping To Bash

…But Torres is ready. She initiates the power surge she has set up. On the bridge, Seven of Nine suddenly stands ramrod-straight, a vacant, paralysed expression on its face. The look is replaced by one of sheer agony as it cries out in excruciating pain. It raises a hand to the back of its head…
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