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Show Us Your Pi-hole®; Win A Raspberry Pi (3 Models Available)

Despite the dirty title this blog post has, we think it would be fun to see how you have your Pi-hole® setup, so we have the following to give away: Raspberry Pi Zero Raspberry Pi ZeroW Raspberry Pi 3 If you’d like a chance to win one, submit to us a picture of how you…
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5,000 GitHub Stars And 10,000 Redditors: Thank You!

Pi-hole® started as a humble blog post about how to setup an ad-blocking DNS server on a Raspberry Pi. It then evolved into a glorified shell script that ran the commands needed to set everything up. But it was that post, which Lifehacker picked up and the momentum started from there. The rest is history.

Round 3: What Really Happens On Your Network?

Here we are again Using Pi-hole, users have discovered unexpected, strange, or disturbing things happening on their network. In fact, so many things have been discovered (and discussed publicly), that this is our third time posting a list of things people have found happening on their networks. Part one: What Really Happens On Your Network?…
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What Really Happens On Your Network? Redux

We spent a long time collecting a list of posts about users who had discovered shocking, interesting, or confusing things happening on their network, which became apparent when using Pi-hole to view the traffic happening on their network on a daily basis. This post is another collection of these sorts of things and also to…
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How Much Traffic Can Pi-hole Handle?

We often get questions like: How many clients can Pi-hole handle? Or will Pi-hole slow my network down? To answer the latter, no. Pi-hole actually makes your network faster. To the former, that will vary based on the hardware specs you give to Pi-hole. We have a few real-life examples that can give you some…
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Seven Things You May Not Know About Pi-hole

You may already know that Pi-hole lets you block advertisements for every device that connects to your network without the need for any client-side software. But Pi-hole is very powerful and has several other uses that you may not know about.

Get Your Pi-hole T-shirt While Supplies Last

[UPDATE]: Sold out, but check out our new Swag Store! Many of you have been asking for these, so we thought we would try and see if a limited run of them would sell (if they don’t then the dev team will have a new wardrobe ????). The t-shirts we are selling are made of…
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What Really Happens On Your Network? Find Out With Pi-hole

What really happens on your network? Does it come to life when you leave for work? Are there devices connecting to the Internet that you don’t know about? Let’s take a look. Check out our other iterations of this post: Part one: What Really Happens On Your Network? Part two: What Really Happens On Your…
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How To Contact The Pi-hole Development Team For Support

Without you, our users, Pi-hole wouldn’t exist, so thank you! As w e have been getting more and more user’s of Pi-hole, we have seen increased support requests. We’re happy to help, but many of your questions have probably already been answered. Here are a few guidelines to help us and you get things working.

Crack Our Medical Tricorder, Win A Raspberry Pi 3

We use to store debug logs (for 48 hours) from users. Somewhere in the anti-matter containment field we’ve hidden an Easter Egg for you to (try to) find.