What Really Happens On Your Network? Part Seven

We’re back with the latest iteration of users discovering things on their network via Pi-hole.  This post is a compilation of things users have discovered over the past year.  Some were bad, some were interesting, and some were enlightening.  This isn’t the first time we’ve written a post like this, but we will try to go…
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2018-09-14 0

Mitigate A New CERT Vulnerability (#598349) With An Entry In /etc/hosts

There is a new CERT vulnerability that can leave you vulnerable to a Man-in-the-Middle attack.  You can mitigate this vulnerability today by adding these two lines to your /etc/hosts file: wpad :: wpad is a stand in for your local domain.  So replace with whatever your local domain is. The essence of this vulnerability…
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2018-09-10 31

Pi-hole v4.0 Released With FTLDNS, Improved Blocking Modes, Regex, Docker, and More

We’re very pleased to release Pi-hole v4.0 today, which includes fixes, tweaks, and lots of new stuff, including FTLDNS (special thanks to our beta testers!)  In a sentence, FTLDNS is dnsmasq with Pi-hole’s special sauce baked in. FTLDNS does everything dnsmasq does because it is dnsmasq–just our fork of it.  So all of your existing config files…
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2018-08-06 29

FTLDNS and Unbound Combined For Your Own All-Around DNS Solution

How Pi-hole Works Pi-hole acts as a forwarding DNS server, which means if it doesn’t know where a domain is, it has to forward your query to another server that does.  When you install Pi-hole, it knows where the ad-serving domains are (because you tell it), so it doesn’t forward those requests.  But it doesn’t know where legitimate…
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2018-06-09 0

Limited Edition Pi-hole Coins Are Now For Sale

Patrons got first dibs, but there are still plenty of coins available. These coins are high quality, colored, and textured.  Check out the product page for more information.  Enjoy! Proceeds from the sales will be used to further develop Pi-hole.

2018-06-05 0

Get Early Access To Our Coins By Signing Up For Patreon

We launched our Patreon page a few days ago.  Patrons of Pi-hole get several benefits: in addition to the rewards already granted by becoming a patron, you’ll also get a flair on our user forums, and early access to things such as first access to our collector’s coins. Patreon charges you on the first of the…
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2018-05-31 9

Our Patreon Project Is Live With Fun Rewards

Become a Patron! Our Patreon page is up and ready.  You can support our project in exchange for some rewards.  If you have feedback on the reward levels let us know but we hope you like what we’ve put together for you!

2018-05-29 15

Coins, Patreon Feedback Round 2, Plus Our Fundraiser

Separate from Patreon: Collectable Coins Will Be For Sale These are 2 inch metal coins with color and texture.  Only 300 have been made (seven of which have gone to the developers) and each one has a sequential number printed on it. If these are a success, we will be designing and selling more coins, but…
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2018-05-28 0

How To Get Support For Pi-hole In 2018

Pi-hole has grown quite a bit since we last explained how to get support for our software, but our official support forums remain true: Discourse GitHub Reddit Twitter These are the four areas where we offer official support.  You may see us around in some other places on the Web, but the above four areas…
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2018-05-22 0

NXDOMAIN And Null Blocking With FTLDNS

Pi-hole has traditionally returned a blank HTML page in place of advertisements.  An alternative method is to return NXDOMAIN—no such domain.  This is a behaviour you asked us to implement and we have listened. To use it, you’ll need to be running the FTLDNS beta (pihole -up if you’re already on it): echo “FTLDNS” | sudo…
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2018-05-18 16