Pi-hole 2.7 Core / 1.3 Web Released With A Long-Awaited Feature!

Thanks for everyone who has been donating (or supporting us through other means).  We are happy to release the latest version of Pi-hole. How To Update Until we get Py-hole up and running, just use our weird, quirky method of running the installer again (an actual updater is coming at some point):

2016-06-11 11

Pi-hole Core 2.6.3 Released

Check out out 2.7 / 1.3 released today! 2016-06-11 A small release to fix a few and improve a few things:

2016-05-23 0

Py-hole, Plus Our YouTube Channel

Revamp We are fast approaching the limitations of using bash to control Pi-hole, so we are going to try to re-code the project in Python.  As we have been discussing how to implement new features and fixes, we keep coming back to the need to revamp the code.  If it works, switching to Python will provide better…
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2016-05-16 0

Thank You For 1,000 Stars On Github!

When I first started Pi-hole over two years ago, I never expected it to become such a big project.  I just want to say thanks to all our users and to everyone who has contributed to the project; it’s satisfying to see how open source works.

2016-05-01 0

Have Your Pi And Eat It, Too is a small operation and does not use advertisements, so the only source of revenue come from your donations, which keeps Pi-hole free and open source.  But now there is a way you can support us, block ads, and support your favorite free Websites:

2016-04-29 0

Pi-hole Stats In Your Mac’s Menu Bar

Here’s a fun project to supplement your Pi-hole: view your stats in a pull-down menu from OS X’s menu bar. [UPDATE]: v3.0 uses numbers instead of strings, so you will need to modify this script to have it work with v3.0.

2016-04-23 5

Now Accepting Feature Requests For Pi-hole

Is there a feature or improvement that would make Pi-hole better?  We would love to hear your ideas.  Just go to and submit your idea.  You will also be able to vote for your favorite features so we know what you are looking for.

2016-04-19 0

Pi-hole 2.6 – making things (slightly) easier!

This one’s been a little while coming.. sorry! The Changelog can be found here A notable change in this release is the handling of pihole’s commands. Rather than each script being stored in /usr/local/bin there is now a controller script simply called pihole,  details on the usage of this command can be found here.

2016-04-04 19

Happy Pi Day From The Pi-hole Dev Team

If you have been thinking about blocking ads for your entire network using a Raspberry Pi, what better day to try than Pi day.  The Pi-hole dev team would like say thank you to all of our users.  Without you, we would not have such a fun product that we enjoy working on.

2016-03-14 0

Automatically Tweet How Many Ads You Blocked Using Workfow For iOS

Inspired by the bot that sends a tweet to Comcast when Internet speeds are slower than advertised, I made an iOS Workflow that utilizes Pi-hole’s API to automatically tweet how many advertisements I blocked today.

2016-03-12 0