Pi-hole Core 2.13.2 / Web 2.5.2

Pi-hole Core 2.13.2 / Web 2.5.2

This release includes fixes and tweaks, but the main thing you may be interested in is the new Pi-hole Checkout feature.

We’ve made it a bit easier for the users who want to check out what’s happening in our development branches. If you decide you want to check out some of the features we are working on prior to release, this is the place to do it. Be aware that the development branches are our test grounds so things can and will break so we do not recommend trying this in a production environment.

Also be aware that certain features that are in development need both the Core code and the Web code to work properly, but this isn’t always the case.

Under most circumstances, you’ll want to use pihole checkout dev to checkout the development branches from both Core and Web.

It’s fairly straight forward to use:

  • pihole checkout dev – Shortcut “dev” for checking out development / devel branches
  • pihole checkout master – Shortcut “master” for checking out master branches (back to safety, but downgrading might not always work flawlessly!)
  • pihole checkout core ABC – Check out branch ABC on Pi-hole core repo. List available branches if specified branch does not exist.
  • pihole checkout web ABC – Check out branch ABC on Pi-hole web interface repo. List available branches if specified branch does not exist.

With this new checkout feature, we welcome your feedback on anything you notice. The more people that are testing out things in the development, the less likely they are to be discovered after a master release.

If you do find an issue that you want to bring up, open a GitHub issue, but please make sure it’s not something we already know about.

Pi-hole Teleporter

Teleporter’s pattern buffers have been enhanced and will now back up all files in /etc/dnsmasq.d/. It will also timestamp the .zip file that gets generated.