Part 5: What Really Happens On Your Network?

Part 5: What Really Happens On Your Network?

Pi-hole is known for ad-blocking, but it’s capable of more than you might know. This post is the fifth iteration of a collection of public posts where people have discovered weird or strange things happening on their networks thanks to Pi-hole.

Since Pi-hole is a DNS server, it can keep track of which domains are queried. While you can’t see the exact Webpage (or other asset) that was queried, you can deduce some information by knowing what domain name was queried. For example, if a device using Pi-hole watched a video on Netflix, Pi-hole doesn’t know about the specific video–just that the Netflix domain was queried.

Below, you’ll find links and screenshots to the latest compilation of things people have discovered on their networks–enjoy!

Queries for strange domains

Excessive Queries For Domains

Overly-aggressive Analytics

Identifying Malware