Patreon Coming Soon: Your Feedback Requested

Patreon Coming Soon: Your Feedback Requested

2018-05-14 Projects 4

We’re launching a Patreon page soon, which allows you to get rewards for supporting us. Take a look at this explainer video if you are unfamiliar with it.

We want your feedback on the reward levels. Please let us know what you like, what you don’t, or what you like to see.

$1/month Patron Flair

We’ll flair your user on Discourse or Reddit as a Patron of Pi-hole and you have our thanks.

$3/month Insider Information

Get access to our Patron only posts. We’ll discuss things here before releasing them to the general public.

$10/month Sticker-of-the-month Club

Get a new sheet of 24 stickers every month.

$15/month Mug-of-the-month Club

Each month, we’ll ship out a mug with a new Pi-hole inspired design on it.

Also Available…

We have around 300 custom-made, 2 inch Pi-hole coins, sequenced and everything. They are dual-sided, colored and look very nice. If these sell out, we could possibly do a coin-of-the-month club as well. But for now, there is only one style coin available.

The proceeds from selling these coins will go towards our fundraising goal.


Notable Replies

  1. Great News! Can you consider to set up a liberapay account, too? I really don't like patreon and its business attitude.

  2. I would like to see Liberapay in the future as well. I haven't done a fee comparison between Liberapay and Patreon, but if it helps, Liberapay does not charge a fee. It's just the payment processor's fee that Liberapay has to handle:

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