New Dialog-based Installer

In addition to the new, easier-to-remember installation command (curl -L | bash), the installer has been completely revamped with dialog windows that guide you through the entire setup. You no longer need to set up a static IP before running the script.

Install The Web Interface On An Existing Pi-hole

Update 24/04/16 : Please note this guide is now out-dated, and it is recommended that you use the automated install to install and update pi-hole. If you used the automated install to set up your ad-blocking Pi-hole, it does not install the Web interface (yet) by default. With a few terminal commands, you can quickly…
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Pi-hole 2.0 Flat Web Interface

Using AdminLTE as a starting point, I am working on creating a nice-looking Web interface for managing the Pi-hole (not that there is a whole lot you need to do. But you might want to log in and view some stats or update the lists.

A New Pi-hole. Seeking Out New Ads And New Circumventions

Pi-hole 2.0 can block millions of ads, all running from your Raspberry Pi. Just plug it into your router, set an IP address, run the script, and you are in business!

A New Pi-hole On The (Event) Horizion

I have been working to improve the Pi-hole’s performance and and also make it easier to add additional sources you may want to pull domains from. Eventually, I would like the Pi-hole to block tracking domains, analytics, and malware domains, too. The new version of the script will make this much easier.

Huge Update To List Of Ad-serving Domains

The mahakala list had a huge update and actually makes the Pi-hole run very slow. There is a workaround, and a hopeful fix somewhere down the line. If you like the P-hole and want to help, you can donate using the buttons below. Donate Bitcoins

A Web Interface For The Pi-Hole

The command line is great, but wouldn’t it be nice to use a Web browser to update or change settings? Someone is working on this and the hope is to integrate it with the Pi-hole.

More Domains And Better Performance

There are many improvements happening to the Pi-hole including a larger list of ad-server domains and better performance. Check it out.

Optimizations and Other Pull Requests

Since the article on Lifehacker, there have been a lot of pull requests and suggestions for improvements. There are some great ideas and I want to implement them all. Since I only blog in my free time, it may take a bit, but I am definitely going to work on it.