DNSSEC And Wildcarding Available In Pi-hole Core 2.12 / Web 2.4

DNSSEC And Wildcarding Available In Pi-hole Core 2.12 / Web 2.4

We are happy to release another new version of Pi-hole (Core and Web). Your support and contributions have helped it become a reality. This release includes several fixes and tweaks, which you can read about on changes.pi-hole.net. We have also added some new features.


You requested it and we implemented it. Once enabled, there is a link you can click that will check to see if it is working.

Wildcard Blacklisting

This has been an oft-requested feature, and may prove useful for blocking YouTube ads. You can use this new blacklisting feature with the pihole -wild option. So if you wanted to block all of bannerflow.com:

pihole -wild bannerflow.com
pihole -wild -d bannerflow.com

Related Feature

You can also now paste in space-delimited domains to be added to the white/black from the Web interface.


We implemented a new flushing routine using the logrotate command for pihole.log with the following options:

  • daily (rotate the log once per day)
  • copytruncate (copy the existing file to the new place and truncate the original file afterwards)
  • rotate 5 (keep 5 days/manual flush cycles)
  • compress + delaycompress (compress files older than 1 day)
  • notifyempty (do not rotate the log if it is empty)
  • nomail (don’t mail old log files to any address)

If for some reason logrotate is not found, it will fallback to the old flushing routine.

Multiple Upstream DNS Servers

You can now specify multiple upstream servers to use via the Web interface.

Pi-hole Teleporter

This feature was called takeout for a while, but teleporter seemed more appropriate and didn’t make us as hungry. This feature came as a request from the community so you can now export your Pi-hole lists to a .zip file.

A Joke For The Networking Folks

Apple CIDR.

12 Responses

  1. Taertox says:

    Latest update broke local domain resolution. If you need it, dont update!!

  2. bob says:

    do I need to re-run the install script to update?

    • telekrmor says:

      Nope (unless you are on a very old version). Just run pihole -up from your Pi-hole.

  3. Itsme says:

    If i use it as forwarder on windows it bloks everything. not nice and the whitelist is also ot working. Put several sites in there but keeps blocking

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