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Understanding DNSSEC validation using Pi-hole’s Query Log

The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) is an Internet standard that adds security mechanisms to the Domain Name System (DNS). It ensures both the authenticity and integrity of the DNS data. From FTL v5.9 on, Pi-hole shows and analyzes the internally generated DNSSEC queries needed to build the chain-to-trust. This feature is enabled by…
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Pi-hole and OPNsense

Using OPNsense DHCP with Pi-hole network ad-blocking NOTE: This guide is likely outdated and based on an older OPNsense version. The ideas and concepts may still work but the actual implementation may/will not. One of the lesser known features of Pi-hole is the ability to see MAC and IP addresses from external servers. This feature…
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FTLDNS and Unbound Combined For Your Own All-Around DNS Solution

How Pi-hole Works Pi-hole acts as a forwarding DNS server, which means if it doesn’t know where a domain is, it has to forward your query to another server that does. When you install Pi-hole, it knows where the ad-serving domains are (because you tell it), so it doesn’t forward those requests. But it doesn’t…
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NXDOMAIN And Null Blocking With FTLDNS

Pi-hole has traditionally returned a blank HTML page in place of advertisements. An alternative method is to return NXDOMAIN—no such domain. This is a behaviour you asked us to implement and we have listened. To use it, you’ll need to be running the FTLDNS beta (pihole -up if you’re already on it): echo “FTLDNS” |…
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Block More Ads: IPv6 Support With Pi-hole

Since starting the Pi-hole two years ago, more and more sites have been delivering ads over IPv6. The Pi-hole now blocks ads on IPv4 and IPv6. This should immediately improve the effectiveness of the Pi-hole.

Install The Web Interface On An Existing Pi-hole

Update 24/04/16 : Please note this guide is now out-dated, and it is recommended that you use the automated install to install and update pi-hole. If you used the automated install to set up your ad-blocking Pi-hole, it does not install the Web interface (yet) by default. With a few terminal commands, you can quickly…
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